is our speciality

3S-Innovation stimulates, structures and supports your innovation projects

3S-Innovation brings you expertise in polymer materials, innovation, product design, modelling and environmental impact. We have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the plastics, textile, packaging and automotive industries.

Innovation and polymer materials

3S-Innovation is a specialist in innovation management. We are involved in all stages of your innovation project, from identifying the idea through development and researching funding to commercialization. We bring coordination and drive to your innovative projects.

Associated with our expertise and experience in polymer materials you also benefit from a well-developed network of partners, all leaders in polymer materials and processes.

We have also acquired a high level of expertise over the past few years in:

  • waste management (plastics and others)
  • grey water management
  • the implementation of recycling loops
  • environmental impact assessment
  • definition of alternative paper solutions

Why choose 3S-Innovation to support your projects?

  • We act as a dedicated external resource in innovation and bring flexibility and reactivity to your projects

  • We help you to find funding and partners to develop co-innovation projects

  • We manage and monitor projects by coordinating your technical centres and production plants and by involving partners (suppliers, customers, laboratories, institutions, etc.)
  • We stimulate innovation by providing the impetus to “think differently”, in particular by setting up brainstorming sessions and integrating experts in targeted fields (electronics, thermics, calculation, etc.) to add value.