The five pillars of our expertise


Polymers Materials Innovation Product Modeling Environment
Petro-sourced, bio-sourced and recycled plastics Steering innovation projects Understanding consumer needs Rheology Waste management (plastic waste, building waste, medical waste)
Recycling Defining innovation roadmaps Product design Mechanical
CO2 footprint
Coatings, adhesives Running creativity sessions Development of design solutions CFD calculations (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Waste reduction at source
Technical and scientific expertise Setting up collaborative projects     Recycling tools
Standardization/co-qualification of materials; development of a reference panel for materials and suppliers; dovetailing with the purchasing strategy Funding research     Life cycle analysis
  Intellectual property      
Polymer characterization methods Material/process innovation (development of new materials)      
  Identification of partners      


Polymers Materials

  • Petro-sourced, bio-sourced and recycled plastics
  • Recycling
  • Varnishes, glues
  • Technical and scientific expertise
  • Industrial approach to standardization/co-qualification of materials with creation of a panel of references for materials and suppliers in connection with the purchasing strategy
  • Polymer characterization methods


  • Steering innovation projects
  • Innovation roadmap definition
  • Animation of creativity sessions
  • Setting up collaborative projects
  • Search for financing
  • Intellectual property
  • Material/process innovation (development of new materials)
  • Identification of partners


  • Understanding consumer needs
  • Product design creation
  • Development of design solutions


  • Calculations Rheology
  • Mechanics Calculations
  • Unsteady calculations CFD (fluid behavior)


  • Waste management (plastic waste, construction waste, hospital waste)
  • CO² balance
  • Waste reduction at source
  • Recyclability tools
  • Life cycle analysis

Supporting innovation

Our expertise covers both the strategic and operational levels and is adapted to your needs; our methodology for innovation has been developed through direct managerial and operational experience.

Assistance at the strategic level of innovation

  • Definition of the client’s strategic and innovation routes based on its core values, vision and objectives
  • Development of an innovation roadmap for all projects

  • Selection, evaluation and prioritization of projects as part of an overall innovation project portfolio

  • Structuring and formatting the projects

  • Support in making decisions regarding project structure (proprietary or collaborative)

  • Intellectual property (IP) via State of the Art analysis and prior art to define freedom to operate and check if your solution is patentable; we will evaluate its financial viability.

  • Assistance in managing confidentiality (non-disclosure agreements)

  • Assistance in setting up collaboration contracts

Operational project management

  • State of the art review and innovation monitoring in your product category
  • Ideation and creative development on a series of concepts
  • Exploratory phase
  • Prototype development as a tangible working basis
  • Calculation verification
  • Pre-industrialization phase and project costing
  • GO / NO GO milestones for the different project deliverables, technical results and costing options
  • Regular reports to monitor project progress

Funding – an essential component of your innovation process

  • We will determine the most appropriate funding for your innovation project

    • – Self-financing
    • – Mixed (relying on external financing)
  • Research into tax relief and other sources of support for innovation

  • Interface with funding agencies

    • – Industry and research groups
    • – ADEME
    • – BPI
    • – DGCIS
    • – DEE (Direction de l’Expansion Economique) of Monaco
    • – EC (European Commission)

Material expertise which will be beneficial to your project

A material development methodology adapted to your needs

We have extensive know-how in the field of polymer materials:

  • Petro-sourced, bio-sourced and recycled plastics

  • Recycling
  • Coatings, adhesives

  • Technical and scientific expertise

  • Industrial approach to standardization/co-qualification of materials with the creation of a panel of material and supplier references in line with your purchasing strategy

Thermoplastic materials

Here are examples of product applications on which we have worked in improving materials and processes:

Caps and closures

mouNting frames and citerns

toilet seats

inlet and outlet valves


Abrasion plate

caps for luxury packaging





Thermoset materials (Components, coatings)​